No Wrong Door Aims

No Wrong Door want to change the experience of tireless phone calls, not meeting eligibility criteria, waiting lists, forms and paperwork and being generally unable to find who you need, what you need where you need it, when you need it to an experience of making one call, and being assisted to find support you need through this first point of call.

The no Wrong Door Portal

The NWD initiative has developed a portal for organisations who are committed to the philosophy of No Wrong Door to use. This will act as neutral ground for services to connect and share knowledge and resources. Through the portal, we aim to create streamlined referral pathways that can be utilized by workers to find support for people in a more coordinated and efficient way, thus bringing a truly No Wrong Door sector to life.

To date, No Wrong Door has 43 organisations on board and has provided training Recovery Oriented Practice and Mental Health First Aid to over 120 staff across these organisations. In addition to this, 14 organisations accepted the offer of individualised consultancy from MHCC which they have reported as being highly beneficial for their organisations.