Mental Health Charter

The No Wrong Door Mental Health Charter is a collective commitment of organisations in South Western Sydney to an overarching No Wrong Door approach built around recovery oriented practice.

  • What is a ‘No Wrong Door’ approach?A ‘No Wrong Door’ approach means that every door in the public support service system should be the right door with a range of services being accessible to everyone from multiple points of entry. This commits all services to respond to the individual’s needs through either providing direct services or linkage and case co- ordination, rather than sending a person from one agency to another.Australian Government, National Mental Health Commission (2013)
  • What is Recovery Oriented Practice?Recovery-oriented practice refers to the application of sets of capabilities that support people to recognise and take responsibility for their own recovery and wellbeing and to define their goals, wishes and aspirations.Australian Government, Australian Health Minsters Advisory Council (2013)

Signing the Mental Health Charter provides organisations with:


Access to the COSH (Charter Organisation Service Hub), an online portal designed to aid communication and collaboration between service providers with the ability to facilitate exchange of referral when a consumer requires direct service provision that cannot be provided by the initial organisation to which they are referred, or when a consumer requires multi-agency support.


Access to FREE Recovery Oriented Practice (delivered by MHCC) and Mental Health First Aid training (delivered by SWSPHN) to capacity to deliver services that are recovery focused and to learn about the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses and how to provide support to someone in a crisis situation. These skills particularity useful when mental health is not the core business of an organisation.


ROSSAT consultancy with a consultant from MHCC to assist organisations to determine their current level of recovery orientation and to develop their own Recovery Action Plan.

No Wrong Door invites any organisation

who feels that they and the people they service may benefit from this initiative to enquire about participating, even if mental health is not your core business.

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