The commitment to mental health service collaboration in South Western Sydney

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No Wrong Door want to change the experience of tireless phone calls, not meeting eligibility criteria, waiting lists, forms and paperwork and being generally unable to find who you need, what you need where you need it, when you need it to an experience of making one call, and being assisted to find support you need through this first point of call.

No Wrong Door is an initiative of Partners in Recovery South Western Sydney, which is a program of One Door Mental Health in partnership with South Western Sydney PHN. The program is funded by the Australian Government.

The No Wrong Door initiative was created as a response to the repeat experiences that are reported by people in the community of endless closed doors when trying to navigate the system and seek support.

No Wrong Door aims to change the consumer's experience

Our aims

Extensive consultations and research was conducted and the results have shown clear indications that in South Western Sydney (SWS), there is a need for services to have:

Common Recovery Language

Common Recovery Understandings

Common Recovery Procedures

Improvement in Recovery Referral Pathways between Service Providers

In consultation with stakeholders, including consumers and carers, PIRSWS has made a commitment to provide multiple targeted resources as part of the No Wrong Door initiative, which include: